Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Australian Poem of the Week!

So I'm finally getting around to posting my first blog since jumping hemispheres and making the big leap from Galway to Melbourne - a fantastic metropolis which I will be writing alot more about soon in frequent 'Snapshots from Melbourne'. I awoke to good news today: my poem entitled 'Primavera' has been selected as 'Poem of the Week' by the Australian Poetry organisation. You can read the poem here  Enjoy! (It's Spring down unda and the air is getting milder).


  1. Oh, are you living in Melbourne right now?
    Probably no Trams Called Silence over there ;-)
    Greetings, and congratulatios with the poem-selection!


  2. Hi and many thanks to the enigmatic 'p' ?
    Yep, the trams are quite different here. They may not have poetic names like 'Silence', but I can't complain as the public transport is excellent - it runs frequently and on time.