Monday, November 5, 2012

The Galway Review

Greetings to friends far and wide and an especially big shout out to Kevin H - I promise to reply to your message soon! Life has been busy of late as I have rejoined the working world and am back, full-time in academic administration. Lecturing posts in my area are thin on the ground, but the administrative side is an attractive option too, as you are still in the orbit of ideas, but don't have to grade a hefty pile of scripts! I do miss teaching alot though, but now I hope to have some time to focus on my writing (and reading and music) in the evenings. I'm all about the extra-curricular! Speaking of which, I have just had four poems, about my beloved Galway, published in The Galway Review. They are quite playful and try to capture some of the competing confusions and unbridled joys of new motherhood. Hope you like them and thanks for reading.

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